Santi Alvarez


Access to crop diversity and resilience of agroecosystems in the semi-arid regions

Currently consulting as data scientist for the ARISER project. The goal of the ARISER project is to provide the first systematic evaluation of the relationship between the circulation of information and seed, crop diversity, and the stability of agricultural production in African arid regions subject to high climate variability.


Local Indicators of Climate Change Impacts

LICCI has compiled Indigenous peoples and local communities reports of climate change impacts and adaptations. Such reports are part of a wider knowledge system that guides local livelihoods and relations to the local environment, and can therefore inform interventions to adapt to climate change impacts. Santi is giving support to several researchers in developing and finalizing the scientific outputs of this project.

Human Rights Risk Map

In a sustainability consultancy team, Santi is developing global human rights risk maps, based on the UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights establishing the need to identify inherent human rights risks—also referred to as “salient issues” or “potential impacts”—as a step towards assessing the actual or potential impacts of business activity and taking measures to prevent, mitigate, and remedy them. This work is done by compiling, collating, quality-checking open data sources related to the different themes included in the UN guiding principles. Then, these data are modelled and analysed with advance statistics to develop risk indicators per country.

Sustainability Reporting

Currently developing an online tool to help small and medium companies with their reporting duties under EU legislation following the European Sustainability Reporting Standards (ESRS). This tool aims to simplify and facilitate the integration of ESRS and elevate the reporting using the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) framework through the companies value chains.

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