Santi Alvarez

Researcher in Ecology and Climate Change

Santi is a scientific researcher with a special interest in marine ecological changes and global change patterns.  He has a background in Marine Ecology and Environmental Management and conducted his PhD at the Wageningen University in The Netherlands on ecological changes and regime shifts in the plankton community in the North Sea and northeastern Atlantic, gaining a wide experience in large datasets analysis and management, using only open-source technology (R statistical packages) for the last 15 years.

After getting more involved in the societal part of climate change through a large European project involving local communities and indigenous people (, currently, he is working on diverse projects on data science (including geospatial data) for sustainability and human rights, with a special focus on the interphase between societal and ecological changes (e.g., Sustainability Reporting Standards).

Sustainability consultancy for EU economy

He works in close collaboration with corporations and end-users. This approach allows for a fundamental involvement of stakeholders during the research and consultancy process (from identifying and articulating questions to implementing findings), which is crucial for creating societal impact, and keeping the consultancy work relevant.

Research for social impact

Involving all stakeholders (from identifying and articulating research questions/enquiries to implementing research findings/consultancy output) is crucial for creating societal impact.

Inter and Trans-disciplinary approach

Through collaboration with other experts, he integrates insights of multiple scientific disciplines from anthropologists to human rights and development experts.

Data science for sustainability

Using the power of open-source technology and understandable visualizations, suistainable practices can become graspable for stakeholders and their implementation and further implications easier to assess.

Photography credits:

Home: Osman Arabacı

Projects: Ahadi Muyal, Ganta Srinivas

Publications: Pixabay, Egor Kamelev, Andrea Schettino, Felix Rottmann

Contact: Jan Van der Wolf